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The Carroll Education Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. CEF’s Tax ID # is 75-2638646.

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Make a one-time gift to fund vital teachers and staff positions at CISD. For every $50,000 we raise, we fund another teacher.

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The Teacher Fund

We believe a great education begins and ends with great teachers, which is why Carroll Education Foundation is committed to supporting teachers.

By funding Carroll ISD teachers, we can have a tangible, immediate impact on the education our students receive. More teachers mean more individualized instruction, more inspiring electives and a more diverse curriculum for every student in our district.

Why is there a need to fund teachers?

Communities are measured by their school; schools are measured by student achievement. As the foundation of student success begins with effective instruction, it’s essential that the district attract and retain the best educators possible to inspire our students and help them succeed.

However, there is limited or no funding for teacher, educator and staff positions and programs not deemed “essential” by the state. It is these very positions that enrich each student’s experience and success – in academics, extracurricular activities, sports and more.

Here are some representative positions that are considered “non-essential”:

  • Librarians
  • Nurses
  • Gifted & Talented Teachers
  • Campus Tech Coordinators
  • Counselors
  • Special Teachers (Art, Music, PE)
  • Elective Teachers
  • Foreign Languages
  • Learning Labs
  • AP and Pre-AP Classes
  • Classes in Technology, Journalism, Debate, Statistics, Calculus, Biology II, Chemistry II, Creative Writing, Fine Arts
  • Band, Choir, Orchestra and Drama Programs
  • All Sports Programs
What’s standing in the way?

In a word, funding.

Beginning in 2002, Carroll ISD became a Chapter 41 (wealthy) school district. In the state of Texas, wealthy school districts are required to send a portion of locally generated funds from the district to the state’s general fund and other less-wealthy districts.

We anticipate that the state will recapture approximately $29 million in revenue this school year alone.  That is 24% of your local tax dollars that will never make it to your child’s classroom and this amount is only growing over time.



This leaves a substantial funding gap that jeopardizes critical teacher and educator positions that enable targeted instruction in core subjects and advanced course and elective offerings, as well as intervention resources to keep students on track.


You can help TODAY.

The foundation was created 25 years ago to protect the tradition of excellence in Carroll ISD schools, despite budget shortfalls. Your donation to the foundation ensures a higher quality of teaching and learning at every school and for every child in Carroll ISD. Every $50,000 we raise will fund one teacher.

Please join our effort today.

Every donor matters. Every dollar counts.