A strong school district is the
cornerstone of a strong community.

The quality of our schools is a major driver of neighborhood choice for both homebuyers and business owners. When our schools succeed, our community succeeds in the form of higher property values, economic vitality and enhanced quality of life.

The best investment you can make is in our schools and our teachers, who are the laying the groundwork for our children’s future successes.

Giving to the foundation gives you a voice in our children’s education, and it touches all students at all grade levels. Plus, every dollar you give supports our kids not only in their academics, but also in their social, emotional and physical development. Think how your children’s lives are touched by their guidance counselors, by their coaches, or by their music, art and physical education teachers.

Now is the time to be bold, be strong and invest in our schools and, more important, in our teachers.

Please consider contributing to our annual campaign today. Our exceptional teachers and our extraordinary students are counting on your support.

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