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Thank You Dragons!

I’m excited to start off the summer with some great news about the 2021 CEF donation to Carroll ISD and an update on our fundraising efforts.

The Carroll Education Foundation is proud to announce another breakthrough donation to Carroll ISD – $650,000 – funding 13 teachers, one on every campus within the district and two each at CHS and CSHS!

This amazing progress is all thanks to our generous families and businesses who continue to be excited to support our students. CEF has donated over $1,650,000 in the past three years, funding both CISD teachers and CISD student and alumni scholarships. We believe strongly in our mission and so do you. This year’s donation represents support from you and the CEF investment fund – meaning 100% of your donations went to fund CISD Teachers! Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, and CEF continues to invest in them.

Teachers improve our students’ lives, and CEF funds teachers! Community support is vital to continue to provide these educational enrichment opportunities that our students deserve. ALL of your tax-deductible donation to CEF stays within CISD, and it is an important way to help fill the gap in public school funding.

I am optimistic that next year will be even more successful, as we all get back on our feet. Looking to the future, I am excited to anticipate the return of many of our favorite events – CEF Teacher Parade in the fall, Culinary Celebration in the spring, and many others. Embrace the challenge and help us raise our next million dollars!

Thankfully yours,
Rebecca Hindman