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Message From The Board

Dear Dragons,

School is back in session, and wow, does it look different?! But, the Carroll Education Foundation is still funding exceptional teachers for our extraordinary students. In June, we announced a record-setting $550,000 donation to CISD – funding an educator on each of the eleven campuses within the District. Over the past two years, CEF has donated $1,000,000 to fund teachers and support CISD students and alumni. Thank you for your investment in your students and their teachers.

I am thrilled to announce that this year CEF will be funding nurses and intervention counselors! Did you know that 55% of Texas public schools do not have a full-time nurse? We are fortunate to have a nurse on each campus and an intervention counselor at each 7th-12th campus. Nurses and intervention counselors are vital to the health and emotional well-being of our children – not just this year, but every year. I am proud that CEF will be supporting the crucial effort to keep our children and teachers physically healthy and emotionally safe.

School funding will be facing even more challenging times in the future. The Texas school finance recapture system (Robin Hood) continues to put pressure on our District, with more than $30 million sent from CISD to the State each year. This annual stress, coupled with diminished state sales tax revenue, makes it more important than ever to help fund positions that we know are necessary to sustain the high-quality education that our children deserve.

Join us and help raise our next million dollars! Funding educators remains the largest area of impact and opportunity for CEF to align with the needs of CISD and the community. I believe that Southlake is a community that strongly values education and is generous in supporting its passions. If every family reading this message became a Friend of CEF (just $1 per day), we would raise almost $2 million and could fund 40 teachers.

To become engaged, click the donate button at the top of the page and become a Friend of CEF today! If you would like to donate more, we offer multiple tax-deductible giving levels to align with your family’s philanthropic goals. Please visit to learn more about our programs, find ways to become involved, and to see a list of our 2020-21 funded nurses and intervention counselors.

Thank you!

Rebecca Hindman

2020-21 Board Chair, Carroll Education Foundation


Rebecca Hindman, Chair